Any commission will be given careful consideration by the artist, Alex Anagnostou. Please feel free to contact her with any questions and a free quotation. She completes residential works of art for a specific space, gifts, awards and architectural installations.

Contact: or feel free to telephone 416.503.9811 for more information.

Selected Projects:

2014 - Franklin Templeton Group 33 Awards (through Petroff Gallery)

2011-13 Migration Public Art Project for the City of Mississauga - two freestanding sculptures 12 feet in height on either sides of the street corner in downtown Mississauga, Canada

2013 Manipulating the Earth series 2 large 35 x 10 x 5 inch sculpture for niches in a private residence; Fargo, North Dakota

2012-13 Milky Way Project Hanging installation with 70 teardrops from the filaments series for a Toronto/Thunderbay client

2012-14 Award to Artistic Director of the year.

2010-12 Awards for London Drugs 12 awards presented to their corporate partners Microsoft, Samsung, Revlon, etc.

2011 - Franklin Templeton Group 40 Awards (through Petroff Gallery)

2006-11 Burst Bohemian Embassy Condos and Lofts 12 x 16 ft Wall installation 990 blown glass pieces in black and white - reinstalled in Condo Foyer in 2011. Queen St. West art district, Toronto

2009-10 Public Art Project for the Royal Botanical Gardens 18 foot x 6 foot sandcast glass mural depicting the Niagara Escarpment Geological history. Also serves as a donor recognition project for the new Aldershot Escarpment Garden in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

2009 Schumacher Designs Set of 3 Teardrop forms - Filaments series

2009 Wajax Income Fund Gift

2009 Petroff Gallery Commission from the Filaments series for a niche

2009 Dr. and Mrs. Oerbach Pate de verre piece and a cell division piece

2008 Pentax Employee recognition award

2008 Pentax Employee recognition award

2008 Picov Estate Worked with Fleur de Lis Interior Designer Eric McLennan from Cityline TV in Toronto. Series of 20 8-12 inch sandcastings which serve as functional door pulls.

2008 Murray and Marvelle Koffler (founders of the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition and Shoppers Drug Mart) Created four cast glass pieces from the Glaciation series with LED lights imbedded in the frame

2007 Movie Created several key glass filament gift pieces and trained actors in hot glass ar art consultant on set for the film, The One that Got Away which aired in 2008-2009 on Lifetime and Global networks

2007 The Petroff Gallery -Beguile series of glass vessels

2006 DLT Designs Collaboration with Tara Marsh on drinking vessels

2006 Private Individual, Manchester, United Kingdom Work from the Filaments series shipped to the U.K.

2005 Langlois Gallery -Sarasota Florida Commissioned Interaction work from the Filaments series for a client in New York

2005 Peel Childrens Aid Society -Volunteer Recognition Awards for Mississauga

2003 and 2004 Oakville Mayor’s award

2003 Individual client, New Zealand Created a blown glass clothesline piece (Toronto art dealer)